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Rosie Ewert

Rosie Ewert was first hired as a dishwasher at Apple Creek Country Club in 1980 and became Head Chef in 1998. She served in various positions on the kitchen staff, and has worked under several different chefs for the past 27 years. During this time, she developed cooking skills and techniques that she incorporates in her homemade specialties found on today's fine dining menu.

Rosie has a well-earned reputation for her entree and dessert presentations. Her signature entrees are made with high quality meats and produce. Every plate that leaves Rosie's kitchen is guaranteed to have met stringent standards on quality and taste.

Rosie continues to gain perspective in her culinary skills, where she modifies and tweaks recipes for that unique and enhanced taste experience. Rosie is not afraid to invite her colleagues in the kitchen for their input. Rosie is well known in the community by other chefs, who frequently come to her for advice.

Apple Creek Country Club is extremely fortunate to have Rosie on their team of dedicated employees to ensure that you have the finest dining experience.

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